Saturday, January 4, 2014

We should never even consider curing autsim

Let me be honest here:

I am anti-cure to the max.

I know the consequences of cure. I know. I have to, if I have to hustle and survive. 

My elder sister is a pediatrician while my parents are alternative medical practitioners. I am like the black sheep of my family. Curing autism will be the easy way out for them. They will be happy if they know there are more perfect genes for them to use, so that they can possibly add one more doctor to the world, and maybe both higher incomes and socioeconomic statuses to brag about every family gathering.

It is highly likely possible that when a cure is available, there will also be a genetic test for all mothers, similar to those used to detect Down's Syndrome and other genetic defects. Those babies with autism will definitely be aborted.

I thought God brought us autism so that He could teach us to love Him unconditionally, to be more loving in our lives, and to share and care for our child and others even more? 

Then I ask the mothers and fathers for the children: are you even ready to have a child in the first place? Do you really love the child as s/he is, or the possible future monies he gives you when you're old? (This is particularly true for Asians, for reasons we know too well). Do you love her as she is?

Listen, I do not want to have children because I fear she has autism. I am not even looking for a partner. I fear that my child will not have a brighter future than I do, and I don't know when the sufferings will end. Plus, there are too many babies born in my country right now. That's why she may has no future, why bring suffering to her?

If you want to support cures for autism, and you happen to be on the Autism Spectrum, it is fine with me. There is a difference between improving our social functioning or reducing our tics to feel better interacting with others (which most Aspies will immediately say 'yay', including me), and totally removing those autism genes from gene pool. If you want to 'kill' yourself and 'end sufferings' by wishing for that Autism cure, you probably will find it useful to go to Watts or West Auckland, so that you can be closer to violent crime, if you don't recognize how sacred life can be.

If you want to see your money literally washing down the drain with Autism Speaks, where one-third goes to line the rich directors' pockets, another third goes around to spread how 'useless' we Aspies and Auties are, and the last third to find the cure on Autism, then this is the epitome of dumbness. It is only fine with me, it only shows that you probably can't think better. Humanity has the propensity to waste money on useless crap anyway, like buying a house with a large-ass store room you seldom use.

(Note: If you want to stop the cure, you are probably better off supporting sports and recreational clubs for Aspies and Auties, at least this keeps them happy and healthy).

Curing autism, or avoiding people with autism, means that we are not willing to accept others unconditionally in our lives, let alone some helpless being waiting for your hugs and kisses. Even if there are cures, which I hope will not happen, I hope they are of a voluntary nature.

Given my intuition, though, this will never happen!

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