Monday, January 27, 2014

Building Together

We do have the potentials to make better best use of talents to build up our society together.

We want to expand our societal potentials, don't we? We want to have more friends and more wisdom in our lives, isn't it? We want to exert our wills independently without prejudice to the furthest frontiers we can reach, right? We seek out for higher aspirations in life together. Shutting out one person, just because of who s/he is or deemed to be, hurts the potentials of not just herself, but the community and society that she is in.

It is apparent to me each and every one of us have our gifts and talents, and together, we can build the place we live in for a better and stronger home.

I ask that we build a more caring and gracious society that is most nurturing and supportive of different abilities.

I can assure you with more affirmative encouragement in society, we will definitely be much better than what we are today. We can have a richer and wealthier society. We shall see more capable accountants, lawyers, artists, musicians, graphic designers, animators, and a myriad of different professionals and talents in our society, making us more diverse, vibrant and creative as a whole.

Only through meshing and blending of different abilities together, then we will see more friends, more resources for us all together, and a more sustainable society that will benefit all of us together.

We should focus, instead, on the gifts we can bring to our society.

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