Sunday, January 5, 2014

Jobs, Autism and others in between

People tell me not to reveal my autism diagnosis when I apply for jobs, for it gives me unequal (presumably lower) playing grounds with others. I agree with their view, for I think it is negatively perceived as something which means, you can't handle something fast and good, you can't take pressure, you take medications - all of which I have to admit, with much patience and opportunities, do not happen to me now or in the future.

I would rather be sacked if they discover my autism, or put it this way, promoted slower than others do, than to be unemployed because I have autism. They can, and should, legally and morally do so. They can claim I have 'no integrity', because I had not fully disclosed my full diagnosis if they need it. They can use their high workload to disclaim themselves from liabilities, if I incurred some legal liabilities on the course of employment between me and those employers.

However, I shall persist in not telling people I have autism. I have more than autism. I have gifts and talents I can bring to any company. Autism is just part, not the entirety of, my being. But it's treated like as if Autism=Me. Then are they missing out of the full part of me, and are they getting the best out of what I have?

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