Thursday, December 25, 2014

Finding our value

Aspies and people with autism are supposed to solve problems with technical abilities. Do we, and our families, accept that our world is changing faster than our ability to process problems? Will we ever find our strengths to adapt with the environment?

Being more passionate and intuitive than the other people is not the solution.

With globalization, people with better abilities than us can supplant whatever roles we are doing. We can be replaceable, by any machinery, computer or even fellow human being anywhere, so long as their costs are lower than ours and they bring in more monies than us. We still do not find an equitable system that spreads wealth to human beings, as our social support structures as a whole weakened relative to, say, 30 years ago, before Thatcherite policies and Reaganomics.

We have to re-think our current positions relative to other people. 

A mentor I confide in posed me this question, and this question the Aspie or autism way of survival: do I have anything to lose if I just do anything what I wish to do? 

I adapt to my environment by being a mediocre, say, *ahem* then I may not even survive the future of regulations, presence of many more capable and motivated people with higher qualifications and *better experience*. How can I tell this to my support structure that, just let me do anything what I want so long as it doesn't risk my health too much, and I tell you what I do every day - am I not networking, building skills etc.?

I feel that I am losing nothing, I may gain even more - sanity, motivation and focus on what I have now, relative to the loss of my family' face, hopes and wishes which are not built on sensible foundation. I face not just a language, but mindset barrier that seems insurmountable for now.

Who does not want to gain the ability to lead an independent life, while we live with a positive attitude that busts stress and obstacles to lead one's family and community ahead?

Ultimately, we have to find the most practical way out to bring immediate value to our surroundings around us. If we choose to like what we love to do, and what we love to do is in demand by other people around us, we should keep doing it regardless of pay. Then we have a value. We will not be that easily replaced by anybody, or anything.

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