Saturday, December 20, 2014

I Can't Breathe!

As someone with Kanner's autism who went through rather unconventional treatment, I have three pleas:

(1) Don't force me to do certain things. 

Especially if they impact my career, way or life or thinking. 

Because it is not a matter of whether I like some things or not. It is more of whether, with the onslaught of globalized competition, we can 

(2) Recognize that we are all unique.

Don't say 'why X with autism can do it, but not you'?

Autism is more than Kanner's and Asperger's. It is a spectrum.

People with autism, with reasonable accommodation, can achieve whatever they set out to do. LFs have a greater sense of awareness of their inabilities than HFs, from my experience.

(3) Let me do anything what I want, including the choice not to talk aloud about my autism.

Not every person with autism is a self-advocate.

What is the use of saying 'I have autism, I am talented, I need accommodations to achieve well and other people need similar stuff'. We would rather spend time and effort on something we enjoy doing. If we enjoy digital art, we should spend time talking about conceptual ideas, instead of ranting on how life is unfair to us, and why we should enjoy 'human rights'.

We'd love to have human rights. We love building skills and know-how even more, to build skill sets.

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