Sunday, March 9, 2014

My experience with Fluoxetine/anti-depressants

Many years ago, I started taking Fluoxetine to control my depression and anxiety disorders. I got anorexia and constant headaches. I stopped medication after a year due to such effects. 

Thereafter, I stopped medication, and there were withdrawal effects. I did not have good sleep and I often get nightmares. My appetite still had not recovered. 

They affected my performance so adversely. I completed a degree which I had a low GPA, and I did not hold a job for the past six months. I am heading nowhere. The only place I can move ahead is doing another degree with less time pressures. I also consciously know I am virtually unemployable, so why not just do what I like?

I worry that people with autism may have a dim future. If he is thinking of higher education, let us be realistic, he has limited options. 

I hope he has no interest, or being pushed, to pursue a career in the financial service sector. I remember being pushed to pursue a career in this sector. 

I majored in accounting in University. My autism and anxiety issues, coupled with the after-effects of medication, made me unsuitable for a career in Accounting.

I prefer studying Geography, and I enjoy explaining spatial relationships between different places. But my parents (rightfully) pointed out I have grade C in 'A' Levels for H2 Geography, despite my A grade in the Preliminary Examinations for the subject. 

I believe I can do much better if I am given the opportunity to retake the examination papers. My struggle against Fluoxetine gave me no other option, other than to keep doing something I enjoyed doing for a long time.

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